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Integral Color Concrete

Pattern Stamp Concrete

Chemical Stain




  1. Prepared good quality concrete with a minimum water:cement ratio consistent and the production of a fully compacted slab.

  2. The concrete slab in the range 75-100mm thick will normally give best result.  The compressive strength should be minimum 30N/mm2.

  3. The base concrete will be evenly tamped and laid to desired levels. 

  4. The tamped surface is then Bullfloated or hand floated smooth.



  1. Sprinkled the CSH evenly over the whole area of concrete at a minimum coverage rate of 3Kg/m2 in two applications.

  2. Trowel the surface with magnesium bulltrowel. 

  3. The entire area should be checked for color uniformity.  Extra CSH should be applied to any areas lacking color.






8.      Apply Release Agent onto the surface.

9.      Place the patterned mats on the surface and stamped

         systematically throughout the entire area to be paved.






 10.   The Release Agent needs to remove completely by high

          pressure water jet machine once the concrete has set     





11.  The WinSeal sealer should be applied evenly over the 

        entire surface by sprayer unit.



12.  Final finish Pattern Stamp Concrete

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