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Decorative concrete included three different type of works, such as Integral Color Concrete, Pattern Stamp Concrete and Chemical Stain.


COMIX Integral Color Concrete, has almost unlimited varieties in color and different finishes such as, trowel, sponge, broom or exposed aggregate finish.


PICSPAVE Stamp Concrete has a variety of combinations in color and patterns to choose from.


Chemical Stain brings life to the dull concrete and even to self-smoothing floor screed.



Winview, the only company in Hong Kong and China with more than 180,000m2 of Decorative Concrete experience.  Our most recent completed job was Sanya Atlantis with 60,000 m2 of Integral Color Concrete.


Winview, the only company in Hong Kong and China to provide in house custom made Integral Color Concrete matching to customize the Architect or Designers’ desire.


Winview, the only company in Hong Kong and China to designate our own technicians to complete the job to ensure quality and expertise.


Our strong Job References are worth more than a thousand words…..Contact Us to consult our representative for your dream design.







*Special Announcement:


We terminated the JV partner in China from November 15, 2019, due to business decision. NO other parties shall represent WINVIEW in China until further notice.



Integral Color Concrete (H.K.)

Integral Color Concrete (Dalian China)

Stamp Concrete - Atlantis Sanya

Stone Pattern Stamp Concrete

Chemical Stain on Stamp Concrete

Chemical Stain on Self-Smoothing


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