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     COLMIX Integral Color Concrete System



Integral Color Concrete

Pattern Stamp Concrete

Chemical Stain






Integral Color Concrete indeed should means color within the concrete from top to bottom.  It is not some kind of top 1-2mm thick color coat applied on the concrete surface.   


Colmix colour admixture brings colour and life to plain concrete at the point of production.  The concrete mix is coloured throughout to provide a permanent coloured appearance and should be sealed to enhance appearance and wearing characteristics.  This colouring system can be used in conventional paving or in concrete structures such as retaining walls.  Design layouts can include curves, circles, borders, or other angular features and can be incorporated with other materials, such as natural stone, brick, flagstones, asphalt etc.  Colmix also complies with ASTM C979, Pigments for Integrally Colored Concrete.



  • Almost unlimited of color range, and custom make color also available

  • Variety of finish

  • System allows for rapid installation over large areas

  • Cost effective method of coloring paving

  • Also suitable to color mortars, floor screeds and pre cast products



  • Light to Heavy Sponge Finish

  • Light to Heavy Water Wash Finish

  • Light to Heavy Broom Finish

  • Pattern Stamping finish

  • Light to Heavy Exposed Aggregate Finish

  • Chemical Stain Finish



  • Theme Park Paving

  • Promenades

  • Pre-cast concrete Products

  • Drive Way

  • Vehicle access road

  • Pier

  • Where a attractive, durable, colored floor is required




Color though out the concrete



Using various color to create pattern



Cast-in-Place color concrete curbs



Integral Color Concrete combine with Exposed Aggregate color concrete



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